20110808 The Decemberists @ Stubb’s Austin

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On August 8th, 2011, The Decemberists came to Austin and played Stubb’s. This was the first show with the full band in quite awhile, since Jenny Conlee has been spending time fighting cancer. She looked and sounded great. #teamjenny

Go give Komen.org some money to help everyone fight breast cancer. I do and you should.

Great show – with the only hitch being audio cutting out about 45 seconds into ‘O Valencia’, but it was sorted quickly while the audience sang along to fill in the void. Oh yeah – It was around 100 degrees at 8:30pm;  I imagine there was a little more heat under the stage lights.

Three-song shoot that worked out OK,  but I can’t shake the idea more time would’ve given me some additional options. 🙂

As for later, Colin and Co had a taping for ACL Live TV the following day, which I hear was as good or better.  It involved plenty of air conditioning (very jelly of that).

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